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DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading Property

Determines whether the necessary metadata should be automatically loaded to the Metadata Container from database on parsing a query.
Public Property DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading As System.Boolean
Dim instance As MetadataLoadingOptions
Dim value As System.Boolean
instance.DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading = value
value = instance.DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading
public System.bool DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading {get; set;}
public: __property System.bool get_DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading();
public: __property void set_DisableAutomaticMetadataLoading( 
   System.bool value

Property Value

True if automatic metadata loading is disabled; false otherwise. Defalut value is false.
Loading metadata to the metadata container allows the component to find corresponding database objects for objects found in the query. In case of successful match, the component is capable to determine related objects, to retrieve additional information about this object and its fields, such as data type, description, etc. Generally, the component may not work as expected in some cases if metadata is not loaded, so we don't recommend to turn this property on, but this property might be helpful in case of non-standard usage of the component.
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