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Where to find the demo projects and code samples?

There are many demo projects to illustrate each feature of the component included in the installation package. They are placed in your Documents folder so that the Visual Studio won’t require additional permissions in case of opening them.

Having problem with registering the component on the Toolbox?

This is known but hardly reproducable error that occasionally happens for some users. You may ignore this error and manually add items to the Toolbox. To do this, please add the new tab ("Active Query Builder") to the ToolBox and simply drag the necessary assemblies from the installation directory (usually "C:\Program Files\ActiveDBSoft\Active Query Builder .NET Edition\assemblies") to the Toolbox.

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With users expecting better and better interfaces to deal with complex data retrieval, Active Query Builder has allowed me to provide a highly professional, robust environment to both novice users and skilled query writers.

Thanks to all the team involved. Please keep up the good work.