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The following tables list the members exposed by ServerDescriptor.

Public Fields
Public FieldLoadDatabasesDelegate function to load list of databases.  
Public FieldLoadFieldsDelegate function to load list of fields for an object.  
Public FieldLoadForeignKeysDelegate function to load list of foreign keys for an object.  
Public FieldLoadObjectsDelegate function to load list of database objects.  
Public FieldLoadSchemasDelegate function to load list of schemas.  
Public FieldLoadServersDelegate function to load list of servers.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyForceBinaryAnsiJoinsDetermines whether to use only binary joins in the FROM clause.  
Public PropertyIdentCaseSensitivityDetermines identifiers case sensitivity.  
Public PropertyIdQuotesDetermines identifier quotation symbols  
Public PropertyQueryToLoadFieldsForObjectGets or sets the template to load field list for objects.  
Public PropertySupportCrossJoinIndicates if a server supports CROSS JOIN clause.  
Public PropertySupportDatabasesIndicates if a server supports database namespace.  
Public PropertySupportSchemasIndicates if a server supports schema namespace.  
Public PropertyUniversalExpressionsDetermines whether it is allowed to use predicates as ordinary SQL expressions.  
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