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ObjectPrefixSkipping Property (SQLGenerationOptions)

Instructs the component to skip the unnecessary database object prefixes or not.
Public Property ObjectPrefixSkipping As ObjectPrefixSkipping
Dim instance As SQLGenerationOptions
Dim value As ObjectPrefixSkipping
instance.ObjectPrefixSkipping = value
value = instance.ObjectPrefixSkipping
public ObjectPrefixSkipping ObjectPrefixSkipping {get; set;}
public: __property ObjectPrefixSkipping get_ObjectPrefixSkipping();
public: __property void set_ObjectPrefixSkipping( 
   ObjectPrefixSkipping value

The necessity of a prefix is determined in accordance with the current database connection. According to it, there could be defined a default database and default schemas that can be omitted in SQL query text. This information is retrieved by Active Query Builder from the database during metadata retrieval process and can be changed by setting the MetadataItem.Default property of appropriate namespaces.

Note: This property controls object prefix skipping in the component's user interface. The same named property of the BaseSQLBuilder class deterimes the presence of object prefixes in resultant SQL query text.

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