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GetDiagramObjectWidth Event

Called to calculate width of the newly added datasource.
Public Event GetDiagramObjectWidth As GetDiagramObjectWidthEventHandler
Dim instance As QueryBuilder
Dim handler As GetDiagramObjectWidthEventHandler
AddHandler instance.GetDiagramObjectWidth, handler
public event GetDiagramObjectWidthEventHandler GetDiagramObjectWidth
public: __event GetDiagramObjectWidthEventHandler* GetDiagramObjectWidth
Sets the DataSource control width according to width of it's fields.
private void queryBuilder1_GetDataSourceWidth(QueryBuilder queryBuilder, DataSource datasource, ref int width)
    DataSourceControl dsControl = (DataSourceControl) datasource.DSControl.GetControl();
    DataSourceFieldList flControl = dsControl.FieldList;
    Font font = queryBuilder.DiagramObjectFont;
    int maxWidth = 0;
    using (Graphics g = CreateGraphics())
        foreach (TextAndObject item in flControl.Items)
            maxWidth = (int) Math.Max(g.MeasureString(item.ToString(), Font).Width, maxWidth);
    int extra = 45; // width of checkbox, key mark column and borders
    width = maxWidth + extra;
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