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DataSourceAdding Event

Invoked when DataSource is about to be added by the user.
Public Event DataSourceAdding As DataSourceAddingEventHandler
Dim instance As QueryBuilder
Dim handler As DataSourceAddingEventHandler
AddHandler instance.DataSourceAdding, handler
public event DataSourceAddingEventHandler DataSourceAdding
public: __event DataSourceAddingEventHandler* DataSourceAdding

The pos parameter indicates position within the Design Area for the new DataSource.

The fromObject parameter defines object being added to the query. It can be one of the following types:
- SQLFromFunction in case of adding stored procedure or function. It has Name and Params properties to indentify itself.
- SQLFromObject in case of adding table, view, synonym or CTE to the query. It has the Name.QualifiedName property to retrieve the name of database object. It's CTEObject property refers to the CTE sub-query object in case of adding common table expression to the query.
- SQLFromQuery in case of adding a derived table to the query.

Set the abort parameter to true to deny adding the DataSource to the query.

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