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BeforePropertiesDialog Event

Invoked before any of the properties dialogs (Sub-query, DataSource, Link properties) is shown.
Public Event BeforePropertiesDialog As BeforePropertiesDialogEventHandler
Dim instance As QueryBuilder
Dim handler As BeforePropertiesDialogEventHandler
AddHandler instance.BeforePropertiesDialog, handler
public event BeforePropertiesDialogEventHandler BeforePropertiesDialog
public: __event BeforePropertiesDialogEventHandler* BeforePropertiesDialog

The controlOwner parameter can be one of the following:
- UnionSubQuery in case of showing the Query Properties dialog;
- Link in case of showing the Link Properties gialog;
- DataSourceObject in case of showing the DataSource Properties dialog.

Displaying of the dialog may be aborted by setting the the abort parameter to true.

private void queryBuilder1_BeforePropertiesDialog(QueryBuilder sender, ControlOwner controlOwner, ref bool abort)
    String msg = "";
    if (controlOwner is UnionSubQuery) // Query Properties dialog (invoked from the design pane context menu)
        msg = "Do you want to show Query Properties dialog?";
    else if (controlOwner is Link) // Link Properties dialog (invoked from the link context menu)
        msg = "Do you want to show Link Properties dialog?";
    else if (controlOwner is DataSourceObject) // Datasource Properties dialog (invoked from the datasource context menu)
        msg = "Do you want to show Datasource Properties dialog?";
    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(msg))
        if (MessageBox.Show(msg, "BeforePropertiesDialog event handler", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo) == DialogResult.No)
            abort = true;
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