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Public Methods
Public MethodBeginUpdatePrevents the component from SQL generation until the EndUpdate method is called.  
Public MethodClearClears the query.  
Public MethodClearSearchBoxClears the text in Database Schema Tree search box.  
Public MethodClearSearchResultsClears search results in the Database Schema Tree and restores the original metadata structure.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)EditMetadataContainerOverloaded. Shows the Metadata Editor form to edit content of the Metadata Container.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)EditMetadataContainerStandaloneOverloaded. Shows the Metadata Editor form with the content of given MetadataContainer object in the Standalone mode, i.e. as a standalone application.  
Public MethodEndUpdateResumes SQL generation after it was suspended by the BeginUpdate method.  
Public MethodGetSubQueryListReturns list of all sub-queries in the query.  
Public MethodGetUnionSubQueryListReturns list of all union sub-queries in the query.  
Public MethodInitializeDatabaseSchemaTreeInitializes the database schema tree.  
Public MethodIsSearchingIndicates the search for database objects is in progress.  
Public MethodPaintDesignPaneToBitmapGets bitmap of the Design Pane.  
Public MethodRefreshDatasourcesMetadataRefreshes the list of fields for datasources of the current query.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)ShowAboutDialogShows the About dialog window.  
Public MethodShowAddObjectFormShows the Add Object Form.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)ShowMetadataContainerLoadWizardDisplays the Metadata Container load wizard.  
Public MethodShowQueryBuilderPropertiesFormDisplays the dialog that allows to set various properties of the Query Builder and the SQL Builder components visually.  
Public MethodStopSearchStops searching for database objects.  
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