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MetadataItem Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyAltNameAlternate name of the metadata item.  
Public PropertyDatabaseRefers to the parent node of Database type.  
Public PropertyDefaultIndicates if the namespace metadata item is default one.  
Public PropertyDescriptionDescription of the metadata item.  
Public PropertyItemsLists the child nodes of this one.  
Public PropertyMetadataContainerRefers to the Metadata Container object to which this item belongs to.  
Public PropertyNameUnquoted name of the metadata item.  
Public PropertyNameFullReturns fully qualified name of the metadata item in form [database].[schema].[name].  
Public PropertyNameQuotedName of the metadata item, quoted if required.  
Public PropertyObjectRefers to the parent node of database object type.  
Public PropertyPackageRefers to the parent node of Package type.  
Public PropertyParentPoints to the parent node of the tree.  
Public PropertyParentItemsPoints to the list of child metadata items of the parent node.  
Public PropertySchemaRefers to the parent node of Schema type.  
Public PropertyServerRefers to the parent node of Server type.  
Public PropertySQLContextRefers to the context for SQL generation, SQL parsing and metadata loading purposes.  
Public PropertySystemIndicates if the metadata item is system or user object.  
Public PropertyTag  
Public PropertyTypeDetermines the type of Metadata Item (root, namespace, database object, field, etc.).  
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