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Language Property (Localizer)

Specifies component's UI language by it's code.
Public Property Language As System.String
Dim instance As Localizer
Dim value As System.String
instance.Language = value
value = instance.Language
public System.string Language {get; set;}
public: __property System.string* get_Language();
public: __property void set_Language( 
   System.string* value

Property Value

The "Auto" value means the language will be detected automatically according to CultureInfo specified for UI culture of the current thread (System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture).
The "Default" value means usage of default strings containing in embedded resources.

The list of available languages can be taken from the Languages field. The language list always contains "Auto" and "Default" strings.

If specified language code doesn't exist (eg. "es-MX"), the Localizer will try to fallback to the base language ("es"). If it doesn't exist too, the Localizer will use the "Default" language.

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