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ParenthesizeANDGroups Property

Instructs the component to enclose in parentheses criteria groups joined with AND operator if they are separated by the OR operator for clarity of criteria representation in text form.
Public Property ParenthesizeANDGroups As System.Boolean
Dim instance As BaseSQLBuilder
Dim value As System.Boolean
instance.ParenthesizeANDGroups = value
value = instance.ParenthesizeANDGroups
public System.bool ParenthesizeANDGroups {get; set;}
public: __property System.bool get_ParenthesizeANDGroups();
public: __property void set_ParenthesizeANDGroups( 
   System.bool value

Property Value

if false, the result SQL will be: "a >1 and b > 1 or a <= 1 and b < 0";
if true: "(a >1 and b > 1) or (a <= 1 and b < 0)".
Can be used in conjunction with the ParenthesizeSingleCriterion property.
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