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The following tables list the members exposed by BaseMetadataProvider.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCanExecSQLIndicates if a metadata provider is able to execute SQL queries against database connection.  
Public PropertyCommandTimeoutGets or sets the SQL command timeout.  
Public PropertyConnectedGets or sets a value indicating whether the underlying Connection object is connected to the database.  
Public PropertyConnectionGets or sets an object implementing IDbConnection interface to provide access to the database.  
Public PropertyDescriptionGets description string for the purpose of selecting the right metadata provider from the list of available providers.  
Public Methods
Public MethodConnectOpens connection to the database.  
Public MethodDisconnectCloses connection to the database.  
Public MethodExecSQLExecutes SQL query against Connection and returns the IDataReader interface in result.  
Public MethodExecSQLNoResultExecutes SQL query against Connection. Returns no result.  
Public MethodGetReferencingObjectNames  
Public Events
Public EventAfterConnectFired after opening connection to the database.  
Public EventAfterDisconnectFired after closing connection to the database.  
Public EventAfterSqlExecFired after successfull execution of the SQL query.  
Public EventBeforeConnectFired before opening connection to the database.  
Public EventBeforeDisconnectFired before closing connection to the database.  
Public EventBeforeSqlExecFired before execution of SQL query.  
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