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QueryBuilderControl Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyCustomLanguagePathDetermines location of the component's language files.  
Public PropertyDirectoryCSSDetermines location of the necessary CSS files on your web server.  
Public PropertyDirectoryJSDetermines location of the necessary JavaScript library files on your web server.  
Public PropertyHttpCompressionEnabledEnables or disables compression of HTTP traffic between clent and server.  
Public PropertyLanguageGets or sets the component's UI language by it's code.  
Public PropertyLayoutSQLGets or sets the XML string containing SQL query text with layout.  
Public PropertyLoadJQueryAllows for automatic loading of the necessary jQuery and jQueryUI libraries.  
Public PropertyLoadJScriptAllows for automatic loading of the necessary JavaScript libraries.  
Public PropertyMultipleQueriesPerSessionGets or sets the MultipleQueriesPerSession mode.  
Public PropertyPersistentConnectionInstructs the component to keep database connection open all the time till the session expiration.  
Public PropertyPlainTextSQLBuilderRefers to the SQL query text generation server-side object.  
Public PropertyQueryBuilderRefers to the SQL parsing and modification server-side object.  
Public PropertySessionIDGets the identifier of the current session.  
Public PropertyUseCustomLanguageFilesGets or sets a value indicating whether this object use custom language files.  
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