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MultipleQueriesPerSession Property

Gets or sets the MultipleQueriesPerSession mode.
Public Property MultipleQueriesPerSession As System.Boolean
Dim instance As QueryBuilderControl
Dim value As System.Boolean
instance.MultipleQueriesPerSession = value
value = instance.MultipleQueriesPerSession
public System.bool MultipleQueriesPerSession {get; set;}
public: __property System.bool get_MultipleQueriesPerSession();
public: __property void set_MultipleQueriesPerSession( 
   System.bool value

When the MultipleQueriesPerSession mode is on, the user is able to build different queries in separate browser windows; otherwise the user will see the same query in all browser windows.

Note that working in the MultipleQueriesPerSession mode, the component treats postback as opening a new query window. Thus, you should send commands through AJAX requests without reloading the web page.

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