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Path Property

Gets or sets the selection of objects in accordance with the grouping select lists.
Public Property Path As System.String
Dim instance As ObjectTree
Dim value As System.String
instance.Path = value
value = instance.Path
public System.string Path {get; set;}
public: __property System.string* get_Path();
public: __property void set_Path( 
   System.string* value

Property Value

Slash-separated list of metadata structure node names (usually namespaces).

Setting this property will result in changing the values in grouping select lists at the top of the control and a corresponding change of visible objects.

Getting this property might be needed to preserve the current selection between work sessions.

The "All" item in the grouping select lists corresponds to the asterisk symbol in the path. I.e. the "Northwind/dbo/*" value instructs to show all objects from "dbo" schema in "Northwind" database, assuming that objects are grouped by type, as well as by databases and schemas, and the ShowAllItemInGroupingSelectLists property value is True.

Value of this property must comply with the current metadata structure. I.e. you can't set the path to "dbo/Tables" if there's no "Tables" node in your metadata structure. In case of setting incorrect path, the property value will be corrected automatically. Thus, if the "dbo" node exists in the structure, but the "Tables" node does not exist, setting the property value to "dbo/Tables" and subsequent reading from this property will get "dbo" in result.

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