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The following tables list the members exposed by ObjectTree.

Public Properties
Public PropertyItemsPerPageDetermines the number of objects visible at the single page.  
Public PropertyPathGets or sets the selection of objects in accordance with the grouping select lists.  
Public PropertyPreloadedPagesCountDetermines the number of pages for which to load database objects initially.  
Public PropertyShowAllItemInGroupingSelectListsInstructs to show the "All" item in grouping select lists.  
Public PropertyShowDescriptonsInstructs to show descriptions of database objects in the tree.  
Public PropertyShowFieldsDetermines visibility of database object fields within the Database Schema Tree.  
Public PropertySortingTypeDetermines the way database objects are sorted in the list.  
Public PropertyVisiblePaginationLinksCountDetermines the number of pagination links visible to the user at a time.  
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