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Canvas Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyAllowLinkManipulationsInstructs the component to allow or deny some types of manipulations with links between DataSource objects at the Design Pane by the user.  
Public PropertyDefaultDatasourceWidthGets or sets the default DataSource width.  
Public PropertyDisableDatasourcePropertiesDialogLets you to disable editing of datasource properties via the dialog.  
Public PropertyDisableLinkPropertiesDialogLets you to disable editing of link properties via the dialog.  
Public PropertyDisableQueryPropertiesDialogLets you to disable editing of query properties via the dialog.  
Public PropertyFieldListOptionsDetermines field list options of DataSource objects within the Design Pane.  
Public PropertyMaxDefaultDatasourceHeightGets or sets the maximum height of the DataSource added to the Diagram Pane.  
Public PropertyShowLinkedObjectsButtonGets or sets the visibility sign of the linked objects button at the right of the focused datasource.  
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