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AllowLinkManipulations Property

Instructs the component to allow or deny some types of manipulations with links between DataSource objects at the Design Pane by the user.
Public Property AllowLinkManipulations As LinkManipulations
Dim instance As Canvas
Dim value As LinkManipulations
instance.AllowLinkManipulations = value
value = instance.AllowLinkManipulations
public LinkManipulations AllowLinkManipulations {get; set;}
public: __property LinkManipulations get_AllowLinkManipulations();
public: __property void set_AllowLinkManipulations( 
   LinkManipulations value

Property Value

Allow if all link manipulations are allowed,
Deny if all link manipulations are denied,
AllowJoinTypeChanging if changing of join type is allowed, the rest of manipulations are denied.


Setting this property to Deny or AllowJoinTypeChanging denies manual creation and removal of links between objects as well as changing of join expression by the user.
Changing of join type (INNER, LEFT/RIGHT/FULL OUTER JOIN) is allowed if this property is set to Allow or AllowJoinTypeChanging.

Active Query Builder creates links between objects automatically according to the information about foreign keys retrieved from the database. Denial of manipulations with links is useful when you afraid of creating unacceptable joins by users who are not familiar with SQL principles.

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