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The following tables list the members exposed by CriteriaBuilder.

Public Properties
Public PropertyBackColorGets or sets the background color of control.  
Public PropertyColumnNameColorGets or sets the font color of column names in conditions.  
Public PropertyConjunctionButtonColorGets or sets the bar color at the left of conjuncted conditions.  
Public PropertyDefaultCountOfLookupValuesGets or sets the default number of values loaded into the lookup values dropdown list.  
Public PropertyDisjunctionButtonColorGets or sets the bar color at the left of disjuncted conditions.  
Public PropertyInvalidValueColorGets or sets the font color of invalid values in conditions.  
Public PropertyJunctionPostfixGets or sets the string displayed after each junction item.  
Public PropertyLineSpacingGets or sets the spacing between condition strings.  
Public PropertyOperatorColorGets or sets the font color of operators in conditions.  
Public PropertyQueryTransformerGets or sets the reference to the Query Builder object from which to take the initial query.  
Public PropertyRootItemFontGets or sets the font of the root item.  
Public PropertyRootJunctionPrefixGets or sets the string displayed before the root junction item.  
Public PropertyShowPrefixesGets or sets the sign of displaying the "or" or "and" prefix for all conditions in a junction group except the first one.  
Public PropertySkipInvalidValuesDetermines whether the control should raise the "Invalid value" exception on reading the SQL property if unfilled or invalid conditions exist.  
Public PropertySQLGets the resultant SQL query text.  
Public PropertyValueColorGets or sets the font color of values in conditions.  
Public Methods
Public MethodClearClears all conditions in the control.  
Public MethodGetQueryGets the resultant SQL query text.  
Public MethodIsValidIndicates if the control has incomplete conditions or invalid values.  
Public Events
Public EventValidateDataTypeFired when the control is about to show the value editor for a condition.  
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