Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition reference
ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.Web.Server.Models Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
Active Query Builder main namespace.
ClassFieldListBaseColumnOptions Base class for field list column options.
ClassFieldListDescriptionColumnOptions Defines various options of the Description column in the field list.
ClassFieldListNameColumnOptions Defines various options of the Name column in the field list.
ClassFieldListOptions Determines field list options of DataSource objects within the Design Pane.
ClassFieldListTypeColumnOptions Defines various options of the Data Type column in the field list.
ClassMessageObject Helper class that holds message information for the StatusBar web control.
ClassSqlErrorEventArgs Holds the arguments passed to the sqlError JavaScript event.
EnumerationFieldListSortType Defines various types of DataSource field list ordering.
EnumerationMessageObjectType Defines various types of messages to display in the StatusBar control.
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