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QueryParamValuesChanged Event

Fired when the list of parameter values is passed from the client.
Public Event QueryParamValuesChanged As QueryParamValuesChangedHandler
Dim instance As QueryBuilderControl
Dim handler As QueryParamValuesChangedHandler
AddHandler instance.QueryParamValuesChanged, handler
public event QueryParamValuesChangedHandler QueryParamValuesChanged
public: __event QueryParamValuesChangedHandler* QueryParamValuesChanged

This event is used as a part of solution of requesting the query parameter values from the user in order to execute the query.

This task is illustrated in the Query Results demo project that included in the installation package. Below are the step to take in order to cope with this task.

  1. Use the QB.Web.Application.getQueryParams(callback) asynchronous function to receive the list of parameters in callback function.
  2. Prompt the end user for parameter values.
  3. Use the QB.Web.Application.setQueryParamValues(newParams, callback) function to pass the list of parameter values to the server.
  4. Handle the QueryBuilderControl.OnQueryParamValuesChanged event to receive the list of parameter values.
  5. Execute the query and display results to the end-user.
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