Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition reference
Quick Start Guide for .NET WinForms Edition
  1. Place the QueryBuilder component on the form:

    using ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder;
    QueryBuilder queryBuilder1 = new QueryBuilder();
  2. Place required metadata and syntax provider components on the form. Define a proper database connection object for the metadata provider:

    OleDbConnection connection = new OleDbConnection();
    connection.ConnectionString = "<your connection string here>";
    OLEDBMetadataProvider metadataProvider = new OLEDBMetadataProvider();
    metadataProvider.Connection = connection;
    GenericSyntaxProvider syntaxProvider = new GenericSyntaxProvider();
  3. Link the components above to the QueryBuilder by setting MetadataProvider and SyntaxProvider properties:

    queryBuilder1.MetadataProvider = metadataProvider;
    queryBuilder1.SyntaxProvider = syntaxProvider;
  4. Place the PlainTextSQLBuilder component on the form to get SQL code generated by the QueryBuilder component with formatting. Link it to the QueryBuilder object:

    PlainTextSQLBuilder sqlBuilder = new PlainTextSQLBuilder();
    sqlBuilder.QueryBuilder = queryBuilder1;
  5. Add the TextBox or any other text editing component to a form.

  6. Now you should establish connection between SQLBuilder and the TextBox components.
    Enter the following code to Leave event of TextBox component:

    if (textBox1.Modified)
             queryBuilder1.SQL = textBox1.Text;
          catch (Exception ex)
             MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Parsing error");
       textBox1.Modified = false;


    Enter the following code to SQLUpdated event of SQLBuilder component:

    textBox1.Text = sqlBuilder.SQL;


  7. Execute the following code to activate Database Schema Tree:


  8. That's all! Now you can run your application.



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