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General questions, learning Active Query Builder

  • If you have questions concerning the process of purchasing, registering, and licensing Active Query Builder, we recommend you to view the existing answers in the Common F.A.Q. first.
  • If you have any introductive questions concerning supported environments, requirements and limitations of Active Query Builder, we recommend you to view the existing answers in the Technical F.A.Q. first.
  • Wishing to learn more about the programming techniques of working with Active Query Builder, you can visit the Active Query Builder Knowledge Book.
  • Have any feedback? If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve Active Query Builder please post them on the Community Feedback Forum or use the widget below.

Errors and technical problems

If you have any problems with our software, please, be sure that you have installed the latest version before contacting our technical support. It often happens that you will find bugs that have already been fixed in the latest builds of products.
  • If you cannot find the necessary solutions and answers to your questions, write us at or Submit a Request via our Support Center. Please provide us as much information as you can including:
    • urgency,
    • product name,
    • edition and version,
    • what you did, what you got and what you expected to get in result.
    Please do not hesitate to send us your screenshots, call stacks, and demo projects on which your problems can be reproduced. The detailed description of your problem and steps to reproduce it will help us to solve your problems faster.
  • To check an existing request, enter the Access key you received in the confirmation message here: Check on a Request.

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